TUI  Russia has hired Gordon Consulting for audit/assessment  of TUI’s:  In-house call-center, Online sales call-center, CRM (both B2C and B2B) and all inter-related business processes to find ways for optimization to improve our business performance. As a result we got complete analytical  report with detailed analysis, estimation of weaknesses, advanced recommendations on improvement both in organizational structure and call-center infrastructure,  calls management, business-processes and KPIs.  


Yuliana created a detailed action plan for all the analysis facts finds plus made a full roadmap on  vertically-integrated CRM-system implementation . Also we got valuable advices on improvements related to conversion funnel in Online marketing, RFM-segmentations and Customer database management, which we will definitely use in the future. Training for the team members on RFM, CRM and Emailing was useful part of the consulting as well and my team was deeply positively moved by all presentations, training and daily work conducted by Yuliana.

We will definitely use Yuliana’s services again and we hope she can become our long-term consultant on wide range of topics. I personally can say that I have met many consultants in my working life, but I have met only a few that I can hand pick who have this level of energy, eye for a detail, call for action and resoluteness. If a company wants results and fast ones, Yuliana is the best professional I know in Russia and CIS markets in regards to these topics. She is top-notch professional, she always is 3 steps ahead of current trends and her energetic levels are beyond anything you have seen. She is a driver of change and almost a revolutionist, so companies that expect to get a person that will nod and tell them what they want to hear it is not Yuliana. Yuliana is open-minded, truthful and direct and in my case I appreciate that quality above all. I am looking forward working with Yuliana again.

Ivor Vucelic 

Executive Director of Sales/Distribution, Marketing, PR, E-commerce, Sales Support Operations and IT, Management Board Member TUI Russia and CIS, part of TUI Travel PL

Gordon Consulting is a style of strategic thinking, hard-working and ability to make things happen delivered to your Ecommerce business.

Pascal Clement,

President, Direct Group / Fastlane Ventures

Yuliana acted as Marketing Director for PayPal Russia from April to December of 2013. Her contribution was key to the sucessful launch of PayPal domestic operations in September of 2013 and a massive marketing launch campaign that followed with our top merchants. As one of the leaders of Russian Internet marketing consulting, Yuliana combines marketing expertise, comprehensive knowledge of the market and strong management skills. All of this combined with a proactive approach, responsibility, tenacity and enourmous energy makes her a great and fun contributor to any ambitous business. A great Thank You and all the best to Gordon Consulting!

Vladimir Malugin,

Country Manager, PayPal Russia


I highly recommend Yuliana Gordon to any further business willing to take a critical look at their marketing/CRM setup. She has been instrumental in positioning as the best reference in this field in Russia.

Bernard Lukey,

President, OZON Holding


Yuliana's energy, operational drive and great knowledge of ecommerce have made her our go-to consultant when we want an issue to be tackled fast and effectively.

Maelle Gavet,

CEO, Holding

Gordon Consulting is a mix of energy, intelligence and perseverance with great knowledge of eMarketing and eProject management. Yuliana Gordon is one of the most efficient digital project managers in Russia. Give her a piece of wood, she will build an Eiffel tower. Give her 2 pieces of wood, she will build the Golden Gate and sell it online.

Maximilien Jacquet,
CEO, eStore Agency


Gordon Consulting is a highly-professional top-management and consulting in the fields of Ecommerce, On-line marketing and CRM. Yuliana Gordon has more than 9-years of real experience in E-commerce, starting from middle management up to CEO position, which is the very important way to understand the people and processes in such complicated business as E-commerce in Russia. Yuliana is a result-oriented and KPIs driven. She has high-level vision and is able to build up right strategy, and, on the other hand, she understands Operations on the very deep level . I do recommend Gordon Consulting as a business partner.

Anton  Terekhov,

CEO, United Company of,,


Having collaborated for 6 months with Yuliana on the launch of PayPal in Russia, I never had the chance to meet someone as passionate and as committed to the success of a project, while demonstrating a strong strategic sense and deep market knowledge. Future customers of Gordon Consulting must be prepared for a real push to their business and for being confronted to the true questions - well balanced with great listening skills allowing to concentrate all energies on the right battles. A project success is also a team work : Yuliana became quickly the strong personality everybody knew and liked working with across our multicultural and multi-site teams.

Jean-François Rochet, Senior Director, Marketing - Continental Europe, Middle-East, Africa. PayPal

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